Khloe Kardashian deletes post after being called out for bad photoshop

Khloe Kardashian received severe backlash on Monday when fans called her out for trying to slim down her thighs and waist 

The 38-year-old reality star posted sultry photos of her rocking a silver minidress that appeared to have some shabby editing 

In the since-deleted image, Khloe's upper thigh has a concave bent that looks like a blatant attempt to suck in her legs, while another pic shows her waist pulled in with a disproportionate backside.

Khloe was posing in front of a foil background, which was noticeably warped as she tried to shrink her midsection. 

'Show us the unedited ones,' demanded one of her 297 million followers, while another fan specifically roasted her leg pic, which was the third snap in her slideshow: 'Just delete the third and we will forget about it.'

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