Desmond Elliot pleads for forgiveness from the youths

Nollywood actor-turned-politician, Desmond Elliot has expressed his sadness about the amount of hatred he continues to receive from youths regarding the comment he made in October 2020 during the End Sars protest.

During the protest, he spoke against the youths and also pushed for a bill to regulate and control speech on social media at the Lagos State house of assembly.

The youths are specifically angry he called them 'children'. His statement since 2020 has cost him a lot as he constantly receives backlash on matters arising. Once things go wrong and make their way to social media, youths simply write 'Na Desmont Elliot cause am'.

He said, "I'm still apologising to those who must have misconstrued what I said. I said I was taken by emotions. But, in the end, it still didn't take away from the facts; the hatred is too much, the polity, the hatred is too much. I'm in politics now for eight years and I still stand on the fact that love conquers all. I mean I've gone out in the streets and people still curse me. But I'm not afraid, I'm not ashamed because they don't understand the stress that you go through."

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