Falz insists that celebrities who encourage tribalism should be canceled

Folarin Falana, a musician, lawyer, and activist known as "Falz," has supported trolling and canceling celebrities that support tribalism 

The singer made this known when he appeared on 'Breakfast Central," where he spoke on "The Future of Nigerian Politics and Youth Participation'. The singer classified such celebrities as 'senseless" and argued they deserved the bullying they get on social media.

He said, "I find it funny but at the same time not funny because I see where people are coming from. For the one that has fuelled the tribalism and bigotry we spoke of earlier on. I say they hundred percent deserve the bullying they're getting because that is stupid of them. It's such an evil thing to put fuel in. I've seen celebrities that I thought had some sense in them, I've seen them blatantly fuelling this thing; this tribalism and bigotry in such a senseless manner. I think those ones deserved the bullying."

Although he spoke against the bullying of celebrities because they made their preferred candidates known to the public, he expressed disapproval, insisting everyone has the right to choose who they want to support.

In his words"However, for the other people that have just come to say, 'This is my preferred candidate'. Everyone of course, like we know, should be fully free from any attack. You know, I should be able to say, 'This is my preferred candidate and I stand by that'. However, we know what we are going through as a country and we know the people that kept us here as a country. So, when those people come with their full chests and say, 'This is who I support', I see why people attack them. However, it's not okay. Nobody should be bullied for their choice of candidate but those people too, they should think about it. Look at it, so far, it's been going round. They too are feeling it."

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