Diva gold reveals why she cannot marry a pastor

Nigerian skit maker and actress Aluko Gold, better known as  Diva Gold, has listed her expectations from her potential lover or husband.

In an interview, she sheds more light on why she can't marry a religious man. 

"I don't see myself marrying an actor or an entertainer. Never, because I know what they do. I want a low key life. But wait honestly, I don't care. I think it will give more leverage for more understanding though. Let's be sincere. 

For my Husband material, I want somebody that is really understanding, loves God more than me, can take care of his family, somebody who would be my best friend, humble, truthful, trustworthy and everything good sha. Also be very good in bed and PDA. I love PDA (Public Display of Affection). 

Yes oh, I love PDA. I want him to spank my Bumbum in public. Kiss me, hold me tight. That's the fun of it. My ex did all that, he spoilt me. That is why I can't marry a pastor. I can't. I'm sorry because I will teach him bad things," she said. 

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