Simi speaks on why many Nigerians Japa

Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi has shared her opinion on why many Nigerians migrate in search of greener pastures.

Simi took to Twitter, where she rolled out a couple of tweets detailing why Nigerians leave the country. She stated that nobody ever wants to leave their friends and family behind. However, they 'japa' because they do not want to die feeling helpless.

She wrote "Black Africans have to fight and fight for space and respect and survival everywhere they go because the one place that is their birthright is hard on their lives. One would think this would make African leaders wake tf up and help us fight for our dignity.

Who really wants to go land of strangers, away from everyone and the thing they love? People that want to survive. Nobody chooses that life because it's good or easy. They just don't want to die feeling that helpless.

But these leaders don't love their country. They don't love their people. They only love their greedy bellies. They only care about their own children. They only care about their families. As long as their wickedness is not happening to them, why stop?"

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