Paul Okoye reacts to video of Iyabo Ojo shading her haters

Paulo Okoye has reacted to one of the videos of his actress lover, Iyabo Ojo, shading her haters on social media.

Iyabo Ojo shared one of her funny TikTok videos on Instagram, calling out her haters with an abusive Yoruba hype song.

She was seen vibing to the song specially dedicated to her name. Iyabo Ojo claimed her haters would always be noise makers without effect.

She wrote, "I no send anybody, papa. To all my fans, I love you. To all obedient, God's got us.

To all the noise makers, that's who you will always be."

Her lover, Paulo Okoye, reacted to her video with emojis tiring and laughing emojis.

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