Iyabo Ojo speaks on her choice for Lagos governorship elections

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has disclosed that it will be a bit difficult for her to decide who to vote for among the governorship candidates in Lagos State.

She wrote: "This upcoming Lagos State gubernatorial elections…. hmmm. 🤔e go hard me small. My Take

"1. APC: Though this party has never been my prerogative, but give it to Mr Sanwoolu, I have no issues with his achievements and his government. What I find hazy and can't shake off is how the unfortunate endsars saga played out. I maintain he should have done better.

"2. PDP: If I were to be sentimental, I would take back my words & certainly pitch with my dear friend Funke, but i must see beyond emotions. so I am unable to make a fair judgment.

"3. LP: I have watched closely this young man's dream to take on the mantle of leadership of our dearly beloved state. Whilst he has a promising resume, one can not overlook the number of conflicting reports on his pedigree and experience…..🤔"

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