Tolani Baj reveals why she is not flaunting her new house

Tolanibaj has revealed why she hasn't flaunted her new house on social media.

She made this known as she took part in a question and answer session with her fans.

Tolanibaj revealed that she as she gets older, she has learnt to protect her blessings.
She added that she is only interested in making few subtle posts.

One fan quizzed her, "I know you don't want to show off but please BAJ Do a blog of your new house "

Another fan had pleaded with her to do a house tour on her YouTube channel. The fan wrote, "House tour?? Your YouTube guys miss you?

Tolanibaj replied, "I'll see but as I get older, I learn to protect my blessings.
Subtle posts here and there is good enough".

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