Toke Makinwa gets dragged as she likens Peter Obi's supporters to election thugs

Media Personality, Toke Makinwa has gotten into trouble with her fans as she vents out over cyber bullying.

The Toke Moments podcast host, via her Instagram page, aired her displeasure in how people bully others on social media for not supporting their choiced candidate. There is no doubt that Toke Makinwa is referring to Peter Obi's supporters, who have furiously attacked anyone who doesn't campaign for Peter Obi.

Toke Makinwa also made mentioned of how thugs bully people on the streets if they don't vote for their candidate.

Noting the similarity between the two, Toke Makinwa admonished social media users to stop complaining about election violence because they could also be on the streets.
She added that the only difference between the two is education.
"You bully people on Twitter if they vote for a candidate you don't like.

Thugs bully people on the streets if those people vote for a candidate they don't like.
Stop complaining about election violence then because you sef for dey street.
Na education separate una".

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