Chris brown hurls a female fan phone into the crowd during Berlin show

Chris brown angers one eager fan during his concert in Berlin on Wednesday night, after grabbing her phone and hurling it into the crowd while she repeatedly tried to film him.

The rapper attempted to perform a lap dance around one fan who was sat on the stage, but she seemed more preoccupied with capturing the moment.

Chris tried repeatedly pulling the phone out of the fan's hand, but she continued to pose with it high in the air.

He had performed a sexy lapdance for the fan, who was on the chair in the middle of the stage surrounded by his backing dancers.

But still more preoccupied with getting her moment in the spotlight, the fan once again grabs her phone to film herself.

Having had enough, Chris snatches the phone away and throws it into the crowd, to the fan's clear shock. 

The stage then plunges into darkness following the end of the performance. 

Despite having her expensive phone pulled from her hands, another fan shared a TikTok showing the fan managed to track it down in the audience after the concert.

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