Drake Fans Shoots Her Shot: The Rapper Declines Sexual Advances During Concert

At a recent performance during Super Bowl LVII weekend, a Drake fan caught the rapper's attention by holding up their phone with a message that read, "Let's fuck." The incident occurred on Feb. 10, when Drake performed at an intimate show at Hangar One, the private jet complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, during h.wood group and Uncommon Entertainment's annual Homecoming Super Bowl party. Drake shared a photo of the strange encounter on his Instagram.

According to Page Six, Drake stopped the show when he noticed the message, saying, "Gimme a sec," before grabbing the woman's phone and showing her message to the crowd. Drake reportedly declined her sexual advances and continued with his set, performing several hit songs.

Despite not submitting music to The Recording Academy for consideration, Drake won his first Grammy in four years, for his appearance on Future's "Wait for U" with Tems, which earned him a golden gramophone for Best Melodic Rap Performance. However, he continues to passively boycott the institution after he was cut off during his acceptance speech for Best Rap Song in 2019.

Drake also won a $700,000 bet that the Kansas City Chief would win the big game, but he was hit or miss on several other bets he made involving the game. The rapper's recent performance at Hangar One in Scottsdale was an intimate one, and it seems like he made a significant impact on one fan with his music, even if it was just a fleeting moment. The incident highlights the lengths to which some fans will go to get noticed by their favorite artists, even if it means being publicly rejected.

In the end, Drake handled the situation with grace and professionalism, focusing on the music and his performance, which is what his fans came to see. The incident serves as a reminder of the intense scrutiny and public attention that artists like Drake face and the challenges of balancing their private and public lives.

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