Post Malone Denied Entry to Bar Due to Face Tattoos

During a tour in Australia with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Post Malone tried to enter a rooftop bar in Perth, only to be turned away for his face tattoos, which the establishment considered offensive and against their strict dress code. The QT Perth Hotel's bar has a policy that prohibits people with face, neck, and offensive tattoos. However, the "Cooped Up" singer was taken aback by the rejection. Post Malone told a local news outlet that he had never experienced anything like that before.

In response to the incident, the hotel released a statement apologizing for its third-party security personnel's lack of appropriate discretion. The statement said that the establishment aimed to welcome everyone and appreciate their individual uniqueness and has been recognized for this for many years. They took full responsibility for the mishap and sincerely apologized to those affected.

Post Malone made headlines a few days earlier for drinking beer from a fan's shoe and acting bizarrely onstage during a set in Sydney, Australia. He is on tour with Red Hot Chili Peppers for the Oceania leg of the band's Global Stadium Tour.

Post Malone has numerous tattoos covering his face and body, which is a prominent feature of his unique persona. Face tattoos, however, continue to be a source of controversy in society, particularly in establishments with strict dress codes. This incident highlights the challenges that people with face tattoos may encounter while trying to access certain places.

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