Post Malone Adds Another Memorable Moment to His Tour with Shoey in Sydney

A recent performance by Post Malone in Sydney, Australia, is gaining attention online after the rapper drank a beer from a fan's shoe during his set. Malone is serving as the opening act for the Oceania leg of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Global Stadium Tour. On February 5th, the tour made a stop at Accor Stadium in Sydney, where Post Malone treated fans to a "shoey".

A shoey is a drinking ritual in which a person drinks a beer from their shoe, typically as a celebration or as a form of punishment. In the viral video, Post Malone is seen holding a white sneaker while pouring a red cup of beer into it. The crowd starts a "chug" chant, encouraging him to drink from the shoe. Post Malone drinks the beer, bows to the crowd, and returns the sneaker to its owner.

Another video from the same performance went viral, in which Post Malone is seen mouth-to-mouth with the microphone, contorting his body in a strange fashion. Additional clips from the show show him pulling at his clothes while performing with passion for his fans.

Post Malone recently completed his Twelve Carat Tour, which also had its fair share of wild moments, including multiple occasions where he injured himself on stage. He even officiated a wedding during one of his concerts.

In conclusion, Post Malone's shoey in Sydney has become a viral moment and fans are responding positively to the unique performance. The singer continues to tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, entertaining audiences with his unconventional style.

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