Report of Quavo and Offset Fight at Grammy Awards Confirmed by Cardi B's Outburst

A recent audio clip has shed light on the alleged fight between Offset and Quavo at the 2023 Grammy Awards. In the video released by Entertainment Tonight (ET), Cardi B can be heard shouting in a backstage area. The audio clip appears to validate a previous report by TMZ that claimed that Quavo and Offset had a physical altercation before Quavo's performance of the Takeoff tribute track "Without You."

In the video, Cardi B can be heard saying, "Both of y'all is wrong. Both of y'all. This is not right. No, bitch, shut the fuck up, 'cause you shouldn't have been talking." When asked by ET's Kevin Frazier about settling something, Cardi B simply replied, "The only thing I settled was my outfit, honey," before walking away.

TMZ had previously reported that the altercation between Quavo and Offset took place backstage before Quavo's performance. The fight reportedly started after Quavo denied Offset's request to appear on stage during the tribute to Takeoff. The news outlet claimed that Quavo started the fight and both men had to be separated. Despite the report, Offset took to social media to deny the fight, tweeting, "What tf look like fighting my brother yal niggas is crazy."

Despite the alleged fight, the 65th Grammy Awards saw several important moments in hip-hop, including Jay-Z's performance of "God Did" and a huge 50th anniversary tribute to hip-hop.

In conclusion, the audio clip of Cardi B shouting backstage at the 2023 Grammy Awards, along with the previous report by TMZ, provides evidence of an altercation between Offset and Quavo. However, Offset has denied the altercation on social media. Regardless of the reported fight, the Grammy Awards still saw important moments in hip-hop celebrated.

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