Kanye West Avoids Paparazzi with New Concealment Tactics

Kanye West is taking extra precautions against paparazzi after recent tense encounters. On Tuesday night, he was spotted leaving the Beauty & Essex restaurant in Hollywood with his reported wife Bianca Censori, wearing a Cobra Commander-style ski mask. The video shows Kanye rushing to his SUV, avoiding the paparazzi, and nearly colliding with a photographer.

West has become increasingly wary of paparazzi interactions after two recent incidents made headlines. Last week, he confronted a paparazzo who wouldn't stop filming him at a tanning salon in L.A. He expressed his frustration with the situation, saying that paparazzi can make him feel like a caged animal and that there needs to be some kind of balance or conversation between photographers and celebrities.

West's recent run-ins with paparazzi have also included a woman who wouldn't stop filming him, leading to him grabbing and tossing her phone. The singer has been open about his struggles with mental health in the past and has said that these kinds of confrontations with paparazzi can trigger his anger and stress.

The singer's use of a ski mask to conceal his face from photographers is a clear indication that he wants to avoid any more negative experiences with the paparazzi. He is seeking privacy and wants to protect himself from any further incidents that might harm his mental health.

In conclusion, Kanye West is taking necessary measures to protect himself from the paparazzi and maintain his privacy. The recent confrontations have shown that the paparazzi can be a source of stress for celebrities, and West's use of a ski mask is a creative solution to this problem.

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