Amber Rose Discusses Past Relationships and Reveals Stronger Love for Wiz Khalifa over Kanye West

Amber Rose recently sat down for an interview on Sofia Franklyn's podcast, "Sofia with an F." During the episode titled "Muva Sloot," Rose delved into various topics including her SlutWalk movement and her past relationships with rappers Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, and 21 Savage.

When asked by host Sofia Franklyn which rapper she was more in love with, out of Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose responded without hesitation, "Wiz, girl. That's not even a question." Despite only dating Kanye West for two years between 2008 and 2010, Rose acknowledged that the rapper is still frequently brought up in discussions about her past due to his significant impact on her life and her rise to fame.

However, Rose spoke highly of her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa, who she was married to for over a year before getting divorced in 2014. She referred to Wiz as her "best friend" and said that the two currently maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship. Rose explained that even though she was physically and emotionally upset for years after the end of their marriage, she holds him in much higher regard than she ever did Kanye West.

In recent months, Amber Rose has made it clear that she has no interest in being romantically involved with men, particularly rappers. She recently got into a heated argument with Murda Mook over men who call women "hoes." Currently, Rose is focusing on her personal growth and well-being.

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