Singer, Ric Hassani explains" title=""I don't mind a cheating partner" Singer, Ric Hassani explains">

Nigerian singer. Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu better known as Ric Hassani has given his two cents on cheating in relationships and his relationship with fellow singer, Waje.

He explained that he doesn't mind his partner also cheating on him as long as they have deeper connection. If his partner ever feels like cheating, he would allow her to and even drive her to the man's place.

"Honestly I don't mind cheating. I mean you have one life. If you feel like that's what you wanna do, fine as long as we have a deeper connection. If you are my partner and you feel like, somebody else might be better then me, mehn I go drive you go the guy house".

Speaking on his relationship with Waje, the singer debunked rumours of an affair.

"I am not in a relationship with Waje. We were just catching cruise. It was Waje, this was completely Waje. I found out about our love the same time. I was just staying quiet to see what would happen".

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