Nigerian actress, Omotunde Adebowale recounts her near death experience

Nigerian actress Omotunde Adebowale has recounted how she survived a gas explosion.

"Yesterday was surreal for me and I am just coming to terms with what God delivered me and my daughter from just help me say incredible God.

My daughter came home from school with a health scare but God make sure that the lie of the devil was his to carry first… And I thank God. I was trying to make a special sauce for her to take to school and I wanted to bleach the oil so we closed the kitchen door so that fumes would not enter the living room. As she opened the kitchen door, the frying pan was on fire already burning to the kitchen roof. 

All I shouted was Holy spirit help me. I that would usually panic was calm I kept saying help me Holy Spirit and we kept knowing what to do. I didn't call anyone Ara and I arrested the situation with the help of God and the fire was averted.

I have growing children, so my kitchen is full of plastics.. the gas was outside I first switched off the gas put off the burner Wet a big towel and covered the frying pan. I can't believe I didn't panic and Ara didn't unbelievable. 

Our combination naturally would have gone to panic mode but as we left this morning she said something that struck me. [email protected]_ara said mum when I called from school all you said was Holy Spirit and you started to prays and when this happened too all you said was Holy Spirit and you started to pray.

The enemy has already lost because this is that Year for me and I would have all that God has promised. Please if you don't have anything to thank God for just thank God for me. Indeed I serve a living God who his able to keep his own.
OBA Awon OBA I am not ashamed to call you father and Jesus my savior. THANK YOU ABBA".

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