Khloe blasts OAP nedu over his derogatory comment on women

Former BBNaija housemate Khloe has spoken out against OAP Nedu's  remark about women which sparked outrage.

Nedu, on an episode of his show The Honest Bunch, said that many ladies who go into the BBNaija house go there to find customers for sex as that is all they have to offer.

Replying to this to this, Khloe dragged the OAP in the comment section of one Angel, a fellow BBNaija alumni, stating that his actions show why his ex-wife allegedly cheated on him.

She said, "Angel leave that short thing !!! It's not our fault his wife gave him a B*stard, now I don't blame the woman cos who wants to have a child for a d*mb childish usel*ss lying ass talkative man … 

Now, every woman living good is hawking pussy. They don't even see the pain and the struggle and some online peeps too will support rubbish' forgetting that they are women and want to succeed in life. Very senseless mentality."

"That's how he came to lie about the hotel room, but dumb people can't even put 1 and 1 together to know that shit was framed up just to talk. I know someone like him, lie for no reason !!! Cook something up on the spot. 

So you enter the room and stand to watch who and who was fucking your friend and you came out to say it? Lmao .Na Mumu people wey like gossip and dumb like you will be deceived. Heal from your heartbreak and leave women alone, we didn't ask you to marry a cheating wife. Get the F short devil. All you do is speak ill of women."

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