Mama rainbow marks 39th anniversary of her husbands death

It has been 39 years since Veteran actress Idowu Phillips better known as Mama Rainbow lost her husband

Posting on Instagram to mark his remembrance, Mama Rainbow eulogised him for the impact he made while on earth. She revealed that after hearing so much about his good deeds, she prayed to God to grant hum eternal peace.

"Today makes it 39years that you've gone to meet your maker. Oko mi ALAMU AYANFEMI OMO ORONIYI KUNMI.

Having heard so much about your good deeds. I pray/prayed to Almighty God to grant you nothing but eternal peace.

My Husband in Heaven, your wife is praying and like have always done Oko mi ma seun ooo..Oko mi kobojuweyin awon tofisile fun mi".

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