Actress, Yewande Ishola prays for wisdom to handle her estranged husband

Nigerian Actress Yewande Adekoya has prayed for God to grant her wisdom to handle her current situation. 

Her estranged husband, Abiodun Ishola Thomas who dumped her a year ago for side chics, had made a surprise return on her birthday days ago.

He wrote, "Darling in the spirit of your birthday I want to use this time to say I'm sorry once more for the things I have done wrongly and also to tell you that I love you and i will continue to love you even more. 

May God continue to bless and guide us throughout our lifetime. Enjoy ur big day my love, Let's focus on the brighter side of life"

And a surprised Yewande Adekoya responded saying "Haaaaaa, Ishola. I don't even know what to say"

She went further to post "Wisdom is profitable to direct. May God grant me the wisdom I need to be able to continue to live a very fulfilling and happy life"

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