Actor Kunle Remi reveals his challenges acting as Saro in the movie

Actor Kunle Remi and everybody's Saro reveals how he felt acting the movie "Anikulapo"

Kunle revealed that the biggest challenge he had while playing Saro was that he had to speak Yoruba all through.

According to him, it was an excellent experience.

"I had to speak Yoruba all through not just any type of Yoruba but the proper native one, which is the Oyo empire's Yoruba. However, first thing first is that every character is challenging because it's not me.

I am not playing myself, so I see every character as a challenge, it is just that the grade is different.

I think this role came at the right time and I absolutely gave everything to it…"

I am an actor, so I would do whatever it takes for me to become whoever I need to become because I am an actor and a very good one at that".

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