Paul Okoye's girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma warns haters and trolls

Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma has urged those who feel hurt, or peppered about her relationship with the singer to stop the hate and see their love affair and PDA as an inspiration.

"No one is trying to pepper you, you are the one seeing it that way, "she warned. 
"When you see someone doing well, rather than let your emotions become jealousy, rage and eventually leading to depression, see it as a form of inspiration, or a reason to keep going or do better.

Nobody is trying to pepper you. You are the one seeing it that way. And you don't know exactly what the person had to go through to get there.

It is normal to feel bad about yourself when you feel stuck and it seems someone else is doing so much better. But after sulking and hating yourself, what exactly would that solve? That person is not your enemy," her full post reads.

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