Yul Edochie drags mr macaroni on his political stance

Controversial Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie has dragged skitmaker and activist, Debo Adedayo better known as Mr Macaroni on his stance on politicians.

Mr Macaroni had spoken against accepting bribes as the election draws near. He said  that any politician offering money in exchange for votes are only investing as when they come into power, they would end up looting the Nation's treasury.

"Any politician offering you money in exchange for your vote is not going to serve you. They are only investing. If they get into office, they will loot the Nation's treasury which rightfully belongs to the people. Do not vote in thieves and looters! They are destroyers".

Reacting to this, Yul Edochie countered him as he stated that the people, are often times the one demanding for money. Yul stated that his experience as a politician opened his eyes to see things.

"I used to think it's the politicians that offer money until I joined politics and ran for office. My eyes opened. It's mainly the people that demand money from the politicians and put them in a tight corner where they must find money by all means to share or fall".

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