Kemi Adetiba shares appreciation post as she turns 43

Nigerian filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba is 43 today, January 8th.

She took to Instagram to share a birthday portrait accompanied with a lengthy heartwarming note.

"43 and still a SNACK!!
Thank you Lord for your grace all the blessings, the LESSONS mad the unmerited favour.

We've had an scintillating first 43….. Thank you for holding my hand and walking me through every step of it. I now know, that even in those moments it didn't seem you were. YOU WERE!!

I say, THANK YOU, not because your favor has now come to an end. On the contrary, our BRILLIANT dance continues, Lord, with more moves from you that will leave me squealing and shrieking with glee.
I promise to have better faith in your guidance, even when all seems prickly around me and your footstep sounds go quiet 'seeming' to disappear from my side. They haven't disappeared. You haven't stopped guiding and protecting. You're just tiptoeing in those moments.

I'm ready for the next 43….. Plus 15 in GREAT health and happiness. AMEN.
From this moment on, I know I will have so many more moments and celebration to be joyously HAPPY. smile till my eyes turn to sits, and enjoy 1000000x more deep belly laughs than the first 43 ever game me. My eyes will wet with happy tears a trillion more than they will ever wet with sorrow…

Your beautiful, troublesome, apple of your eye daughter OLUWAKEMI BASSEY ADETIBA aka MRS HEMAN ACKAH, seals these supplications to you, with a resounding AMEN!!
PS. If I could get one wish granted today, I'd wish I get THREE wishes instead of one, and yiu know you will grant me my request irregardless of whatever uproar raises, because it's on brand with your long throat, troublesome, electric daughter, whose antics amuse, instead of annoy you. I shall rub your feet, and whisper those three things in your ear after I hit send on this post. Too many people looking on here".

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