Actress, Toyin Alausa thanks God as she turns 45 today

Nigerian actress Toyin Alausa has gotten emotional as she turns 45, today, January 4th, 2023.

Toyin revealed that she had lost hope in herself at a certain time, when all she had was herself and her head.

"Ancient of Days
A wuwo ma she gbe
Jehovah Jireh
A tun ori e ni ti o sunwan she
King of the Universe
My Rock
My Refuge
My Fortress
My Pillar
My Provider
Onise Iyanu
Alagbawi mi
My Defender
My Redeemer
My Pillar
My Abba Father
Even I lost hope in myself at a certain time, yes when all I had was myself and my head , in a world filled with all sorts , but that's fine those days are gone forever- today I stand Strong 💪, I'm Confident and Proud of Who I've become . 

It can only get better, from now on I'm committed to my wellness and happiness.
It's The Beginning of An Amazing Chapter In My Life In a Bit and I'm Super Grateful and Excited".

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