Teni reveals why she embarked on weight loss journey

Nigerian singer,Teniola Apata better known as Teni has revealed why she embarked on a weight loss journey.

Teni showed off her transformed body that got the internet talking. In viral videos, the singer disclosed that she was weighing two hundred and sixty pounds because she ate anything she liked.

But then, she realised that her excessive weight gain could lead to death. She started working on shredding off her weight.

She said: This is me at 260 pounds. i dey chop anything I like and I kon realize say you only get one life cus aye o pe meji (Life has no duplicate). 

Me I no won die, see as I fresh and I fine, gbogbo won ko mi je (everyone started liking me) and all the boyfriend and girlfriends gbogbo won ko mi je. I am never going back there, if you need inspiration, you are looking at me right now.

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