Drake's Private Boeing 767 Airplane Makes an Impressive Landing on Airstrip by Beach

Recently, a video of Drake's private plane, known as "Air Drake," landing on an airstrip in St. Maarten has been circulating online. The island, located in the Caribbean Sea near the Netherlands, is known for its warm and sunny weather, which was likely a welcome sight for Drake and his team as they potentially celebrated the New Year there.

The plane, a refurbished and repainted Boeing 767, was given to Drake for free by Canadian airline company Cargojet. The company hopes that the publicity of a famous rapper flying their aircraft will increase interest in their services.

The video of Air Drake's landing has sparked attention online, with many viewers expressing surprise at the sight of the large airplane hovering over the ocean before smoothly touching down on the runway. It is unclear when the video was actually filmed. Regardless, it is a impressive feat for both the plane and its pilot.

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