Tboss issues advice to mothers on outfit choices while going out with their kids

Bbn star, Tboss has issued a piece of strong advice to mothers regarding their choice of outfits when going on outings with their kids.

While posting on her Instagram stories, she noted that a mother must have nice underwear on before leaving the house with kids for an outdoor function. 

The mother of one said kids are capable of making mothers engage in all sorts of unimaginable things which can eventually be embarrassing.

She wrote: "As a mother with a toddler, one thing you absolutely must do, if you like don't comb your hair, have no make up on, don't brush your teeth, forget your wig, thats fine. But under NO circumstance should you leave your house without nice underwear on.

"Trust me I know what I'm talking about. These kids would make you run, skip and raise your shirt or dress. If you like go out with tear year pant or no panties at all, Na you sabi. We might see ya yansh on social media and me Sef go follow laugh you cos I don tell you.

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