Drink Champs Episode Featuring Amber Rose and Murda Mook Sparks Debate on Use of Derogatory Language Toward Women

On December 25, a special episode of the Drink Champs series featuring Amber Rose, Murda Mook, and Loaded Lux was released by Revolt. During the episode, a conversation about talent in the entertainment industry led to a heated exchange between Amber Rose and Murda Mook about the use of the term "hoe" to refer to women.

Murda Mook made a reference to women in his freestyle, saying "Chicks getting booked for $2,000 'cuz they posted nudes stylin'...I saw a bitch on red carpet, I said 'Tell me what you do'/She said, 'I'm pretty, I pierced my clit, my titties, my belly button too/I twerk for the 'gram, my videos get a hella buncha views/That's very fuckin' cool but tell me what you do...It's disgusting/Hoes winnin' be the image they pumpin'/Bitches gettin' famous off famous niggas they fuckin'/But it's the nigga fault they gettin' caught, end of discussion/You can't blame the hoes, at the end of the day, them bitches is hustlin'"

Amber Rose challenged Murda Mook on his statements, asking "But what's the problem?" and "Do you feel some type of way?" about the use of the term "hoes" to refer to women. Mook explained that he was simply reporting what he sees, and that in his view, "having no talent" has become a talent in itself. Amber Rose argued that the issue is not with the women themselves, but with the consumer demand that drives their success. She stated, "It should never be a conversation amongst men because it's like you have to then blame the consumer, right? Because these girls, us, are like known as not having talent but we make a lot of money."

Murda Mook argued that his use of the term "hoes" in his rap was not meant to be disrespectful, but rather a reflection of the world he observes. Amber Rose maintained that men should not be using derogatory language to refer to women, and that respect should be shown regardless of a woman's profession or lifestyle. The conversation became more heated as the two continued to disagree on this point.

Loaded Lux attempted to intervene and bring the conversation back to the topic of talent in the entertainment industry, but Amber Rose and Murda Mook continued to argue about the use of the term "hoe" and the treatment of women in the industry. The discussion ended with Amber Rose stating that she does not want to be a part of a conversation where women are disrespected, and Murda Mook apologizing if his words came across as disrespectful.

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