H&M Removes Justin Bieber Merchandise Following Singer's Claim of Unauthorized Use

H&M has announced that it will be removing all Justin Bieber merchandise from its stores after the singer claimed that the retailer was selling products bearing his name and likeness without his permission. In a statement to CNBC on Wednesday, the clothing store stated that it was removing the Bieber merchandise out of "respect" for the Grammy award-winning artist. However, H&M also claimed that it had followed "all proper approval procedures."

The controversy began on Monday when Bieber took to his Instagram Story to express his frustration with H&M. "I DIDN'T APPROVE ANY OF THE MERCH COLLECTION THAT THEY PUT UP AT H&M … All without my permission and approval SMH I WOULDN'T BUY IT IF I WERE YOU," he wrote. In a follow-up post, Bieber called the clothing "trash" and reiterated that he had not approved it. He even commented on a social media post from the Instagram account @jbiebertraacker, which shared a photo of the H&M merchandise, stating "When everyone finds out I didn't approve any of this merch smh."

Before Monday's announcement, H&M had been offering a range of Bieber-themed merchandise, including clothing, phone accessories, and tote bags featuring the singer's face and song lyrics from his hit "Ghost." One of the items on sale was a gray sweatshirt dress with a black-and-white photograph of Bieber with bleach blond hair.

This is not the first time that H&M has sold clothing featuring Bieber's likeness. In 2016, the company released a line of merchandise to promote his Purpose Tour, and again for the Justin Bieber Stadium Tour in 2017. Bieber has his own clothing line called Drew House, which he launched in 2019. Initially starting with loungewear, bucket hats, and other cozy items, the brand has since expanded to include puffer coats, flannels, and denim. Bieber famously wore head-to-toe Drew House at the 2021 Met Gala, where he paired an oversized blazer and slouchy pants with Nike Air Force 1 sneakers adorned with Drew House markings. He also carried a Drew House briefcase and wore a shiny gold watch. His wife, Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin), wore a strapless black dress by Saint Laurent to the event.

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