Nadia Nakai Addresses Rumors About Relationship with AKA, Cassper Nyovest

In a recent interview on Kaya 959, rapper Nadia Nakai addressed rumors about her relationship with fellow rapper AKA and her former record label boss Cassper Nyovest.

When asked about whether she was dating AKA to spite Nyovest, Nakai responded, "I could never want to spite Cassper, he gave me such a big opportunity in my career; I could never do that to him. I still have major respect for him. I appreciate so much that he has done in my career." She went on to confirm her romantic relationship with AKA and address the false rumors about her relationship with Nyovest.

During the interview, Nakai also spoke about how her relationship with AKA has affected her brand, stating that she has been successful on her own and recently secured a role on Africa's biggest reality show. She also discussed the tendency for people to associate female celebrities with the men they are dating or working with.

The full interview can be seen below.

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