Singer, Paul Okoye slams unserious upcoming singers

Nigerian Singer, Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy of PSqure has fumed at the attitude of upcoming artistes in the entertainment industry.

Posting on his Instagram story, Paul slammed a particular upcoming artiste who kept tagging him on his music post and also asked his people to do the same.

But after watching the video, Paul disclosed that he only wasted one minute of his time as the artiste in question wrapped weed and ended up not singing any song.

He wrote: I don't understand why you tag me on your post, sending all your village people to tag me so I can watch a video of you vibing in the studio only to waste my precious 1 min time watching you wrapping Igbo (weed) with 2 guys just nodding their heads, ended up singing nothing.

Some of you'll future musicians (upcoming) Ganja Planters, music is not a joke!! Serious business.

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