Comedian Josh2funny surprises his wife, Bina with Mercedes Benz

Popular Skitmaker and content creator, Joshua Alfred  Aka Josh2funny has surprised his wife, Bina with a Mercedes-Benz.

Bina took to her Instagram page to share the surprise gift she received from her husband. She also shared a video of how excited she was.

She wrote: The gratitude in my heart is full it's not any special day but you made it special my love how do I thank God how do I thank you my love there's so much to say to you, it's God in heaven who will reward you for all you do there so many great things you do I can't offload all but for sure I'm glad I said yes to you and I'm happy I trusted the process you promised it will only get better and you never stopped proving to me that your words are true thank you my husband what a pleasant surprise.

Josh2funny also replied her post. He wrote: You deserve every good thing you get from me, thanks for waiting.

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