Former singer, Cynthia Morgan reveals how she became a prophet

Former Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan, otherwise known as Madrina has disclosed how she became a prophet.

"The answer is I was born a prophet, but was born into a Jehovah Witness home ad their believe is that Jesus was the last prophet so they don't believe there will be prohets till the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. 

This was also my believe at the tune, So I kept my gift to myself, only my immediate family knew about it.

At 16, I went into music thinking my gift of prophecy was a fluke thinking it will stop at 25 I realized it wasn't going anywhere. I struggled with God, begging him I had to win a Grammy before I accept my calling proper. 

So far, I have realized I am wasting my time. This is one of the major reasons I withdrew from the public eye".

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