Arya Star replies critics over her skimpy outfit

Popular singer, Ayra Starr had attended the Meta event in Lagos State on Thursday, November 25th.

She rocked a very tiny skirt, a small top and her signature high boots. The skirt which had barely covered up her private parts had created uproar on social media.

Reacting to this, Ayra Starr had apologized to the public.  However, In an Instagram live session with her fans, she promised to keep wearing the outfit.

Advising them to mind their business, she let them know that she doesn't care about their criticisms.

No judgement on my platform. I am only going to say this once I no send your mama, papa, uncle, aunty, brother. I go wear my mini skirts, anywhere I want, anytime I want, anyway I want. So mind your goddam business.

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