Mc Oluomo's son issues warning to monitoring spirits

MC Oluomo's son, Idowu Akinsanya, who just attained a first degree in International Relations, from ESGT University, Benin Republic, has issued a warning to his "monitoring spirits".

Posting on his Instagram page to complain, he revealed that whenever he posts about being broke or downcast, everyone views and moves on but when he posts videos of himself chilling, his viewers start to show him love and beg for money.

"Post about being broke, and everyone views and moves on….post about being depressed, no one cares…post about being down, and they will still view and pass…don't post at all, they will forget you exist. 

But just post a video of yourself chilling or money and all of a sudden love everywhere and people will start feeling your vibe and billings will start, your DM will be choked and when you don't reply, they start addressing you as a bad person or saying you are proud. So if I don't post my lifestyle, none of you will check up on me"

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