Nollywood actor, Dele Odule turns 61

Nollywood actor, Dele Odule turns 61 today, November 23rd.

Posting on Instagram, the veteran expressed gratitude to his creator for adding another year to his age.

My father, my father, today makes another year that you sent me to this world through Abel and Anike Odule. You've been a wonderful father for where I am today. I never knew it could be me.

Thank you Lord for making me a symbol of relevance. I know you will grant me more years of fruitful existence and also know you will take me when it pleases you. Give me the grace to live worthy life. Teach me so I don't go astray, touch me so I become untouchable, tag me your child so I continually enjoy the fruitfulness of your work in the land of the living.
Thank you oh Lord for making me witness another year".

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