Actress, Peggy ovire advises ladies to stick with their broke boyfriends

Peggy Ovire has said a word of advice to ladies at her traditional wedding 

The newly married advised her gender to stick with their broke boyfriends.

"When I see on the internet people say 'Peggy you are lucky, but they don't know what I have been through. I have stood by this man.
I have met a man who said Peggy I would take care of you be patient, he promised to spoil me and Frederick has been spoiling me.

I hope this goes to the internet, every girl should be patient. I have been patient".
She also said, "When I met Frederick, he had a girlfriend, but then I looked at his future,I said that 'This guy is going to make it'. And till tomorrow, Frederick asks me how did you know that I would get here? 

So to every young lady out there, if you have a guy that you like and he does not have money, please stay.
Pray for him, listen to him, encourage him. That is what I have done to him".

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