Nollywood Actor, Gideon Okeke motivates actors to try theatre

Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke has written a motivational note to his colleagues in the movie industry.

Posting on his Instastory, Gideon encouraged his colleagues to try out theatre. 

"Dear Actor, May You NEVER know the feeling of exhilaration one experiences at curtain call. May you NEVER get to understand the power of Your magic, during a performance. May You NEVER…. "… Until You Try THEATRE.

"Do THEATRE.At least Once in your Acting Life Time. Theatre is not a "special skill"… It just requires a great Imagination It's the Place of the Threshing Floor.

"I'll motivate you with reverse psychology. I'll manipulate you into believing in Yourself. Follow Me. This My kinda Slay".

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