Mc Oluomo's son bags first degree

Mc Oluomo born Musiliu Akinsanya, the Chairman of Lagos State Park and Garages is no doubt a proud father as his son bags a first degree. 

Posting on Instagram, he wrote a letter to his son where he expressed his excitement on his new level of achievement.

"Dear son, Idowu Akinsanya @king_westt.
Congratulations on your graduation, as you bagged your first degree in International Relations, faculty social sciences at ESGT University, Dream Campus, Benin Republic.
I am extremely proud of you, the fruit of your years of toiling is plain for all to see. Your life is a huge inspiration to everyone around you, including us, your parents. So much have been committed into your education but none of them is as important as seeing you excited to walk up the podium of success.

May your every wish and desire come true. Today, we are so grateful and proud of all the best things you did. I love you and I pray to God to give you the ability to do more great things in life.
Congratulations once again on stepping into another realm of success".

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