Ik Osakioduwa celebrates his wife's 40th birthday

Popular Media personality, IK Osakioduwa's wife, Olu Osakioduwa turns 40 today

Celebrating his wife's birthday, IK Osakioduwa took to Instagram to share stunning photos of his beautiful wife. 

Praising his wife's originality , IK Osakioduwa advised her to never be like anyone else.
Although he would change a few things about her, like how she falls asleep in every car ride home and her obsession with back rubs and head massages.

"So, that's how this small girl that I started chasing when she was 19 turns 40 today. Weed you are and have always been a beautiful original. Never trying to be like anyone else and I love you just the way you are (ok I'd change a few things, like how you fall asleep on EVERY car ride home and your obsession with back rubs and head massages. But hey, they are flaws I can live with). Happy birthday Baby. Keep doing YOU. No one else can". 

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