Bobrisky begs Nigerians after stylist duped him of two million naira

Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye, otherwise addressed as Bobrisky, has begged Nigerians after his stylist duped him two million naira a few days to his birthday,

Bobrisky took to Snapchat to beg Nigerians against blindly trusting people who rush to their dm for publicity.

Narrating the ugly event that happened between himself and a supposed stylist for his birthday, Bobrisky claimed an agreement of 3.7 million naira had been made, and he had already paid two million naira.

Bobrisky further disclosed that he became suspicious when the stylist refused to update him regarding outfits and only called to request the balance.

Bobrisky shared screenshots of his conversations with his stylist, stating he absconded with his two million naira to another country.

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