Yomi fabiyi reacts to his baby mama, Grace's allegations

Nollywood actor and filmmaker Yomi Fabiyi had reacted to his babymama, Grace Jimoh's allegations

Sharing a video of Grace in labour, Yomi Fabiyi questioned if she looked beaten or maltreated."Evil, wickedness, violence, blackmail OR the opposite, peace, love, respect, humility has nothing to do with AGE.

This is me showing utmost support and angelic care in the LABOUR ROOM as expected in a saner cline. Can every honest mother or medical inclined say for sure that the person here in gradual labour looks like she was beaten TO STUPOR few hours or days before this moment? What if this evidence does not exist? See major newspapers and blogs posting rubbish. No more ethics and professionals in these institutions again. Quest for content or PULL HIM DOWN BY ALL MEANS SYNDROME. Some of them lack dignity and conscience.

She criminally DEFAMED me that I beat her to stupor that led to FORCE LABOUR just to DEMONISE and PAINT ME BLACK, knowing fully well some of you are RECKLESS in judgment because it is social media.

Playing gender card to gain public sympathy, financial aids at the expense of my career and mental health is PURE EVIL AND WICKEDNESS. You all expect me to commit suicide or go violent with her, shame in you, I want not raised that way.

Trust me, she is on the verge of using her fingers and phone pads to bring some troubles if she does not desist from invading into my privacy and dragging me with cheap lies, blackmail and concoctions capable of dragging me into REAL DEPRESSION. We are NOT married. I gave Grace every respect, dignity and care any woman carrying ones child should get, if not for her VIOLENCE and EXTREME DESPERACY, maybe…..
I am NOT ready to DIE for anybody in silence. If I am stretched, I turn and price my sterner tough. I have NEVER and will NEVER TOUCH my PARTNER or SPOUSE. Stay out of my business and let us raise this child in peace. Wa to te oh. PEACE OUT".

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