Mr. Macaroni, the popular Nigerian Comedian, has reached out to Nigerian youths about the fast-approaching 2023 elections,

The comedian said he's not endorsing any presidential candidate ahead of the 2023 general elections.

His tweet read: "You people are sha stupid with this your 'Hiding' narrative. Na for hiding dem dehumanize me? Constant attacks from then till now!! If not endorsing a political candidate means I am hiding, then yes I am hiding!"

He expressed that his notion is just for Nigerians to vote wisely in 2023, that it's the only way for the country to grow.

"VOTE WISELY!! That is the only movement I am championing! For every-time I encourage The Great Nigerian Youths to vote wisely, some certain people are always angry. Ok, let me try something else. Don't Vote Foolishly!

"Nigerians want growth and development!! That can only happen when good people are in power.

"Killings and kidnappings, poor health care system, poor educational system, unstable power supply, adequate job opportunities, destabilisation of the economy, etc.

"We must stop recycling the same set of people!! Let's try something new!"

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