Denrele responds to people who compare him to crossdressers

Popular media personality Denrele Edun has responded to those who compare him to crossdressers Bobrisky and James Brown Denrele said it was rubbish to his portfolio to be compared to the likes of Bobrisky and James Brown as he was in the media way before they were born.

The veteran media personnel spoke on why he dresses the way he does as he said a lot of people have misconceptions about his brand.

In a recent statement, Nigerian media personality Denrele Edun has distanced himself from popular crossdressers Bobrisky, James Brown, among others, as he said he is not one.

 Denrele made this known during a chat on Lunch Date with Vanguard, where he responded to why many compare him to crossdressers.

The media personnel said he has been in the show business way before social media, adding that he isn't a social media sensation as he made a name for himself through hard work and dedication.

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