Diamond Platinumz reveals he bought a private jet

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has confirmed that he has acquired his own helicopter days after making millions at Kasarani Stadium during the Azimio la Umoja finally rally.

"God is Good, I bought me a helicopter today," an excited Diamond Platnumz announced.

 Platnumz also made it known that he had bought a private jet, months after he he declared his intention to acquire one

In an interview, He got into personal details of his life, discussing his relationship status and his latest acquisition, a private jet.

"Sometimes for someone like me who came from the streets, when you buy a car worth like $1,000,000. What for? You have to do that, if not they will never value you, someone else will look like he is the real deal and you are not. In fact, I have just bought a private jet," Diamond disclosed.

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