Enoch Darko recounts experience of food poisoning

Enoch Darko, a Nigeria-based Ghanaian actor has shared his near-death experience from following his passion.

The Ghanaian actor on a media tour in Ghana has recounted how was poisoned on set. According to Enoch, the incident happened when he was still finding his feet in the movie industry.

Enoch in a report said an actor suspended his role to demand higher wages in a movie they were shooting but naively as he was, he quickly accepted the same role for an even lower rate.

He said that the incident happened in Ghana whilst the young actor was shooting scenes for the 'high school series'. Enoch said he fell ill on set and had to be rushed back home.

Recounting the event, he said he suffered severe pains and could not return to the set for the subsequent shoots. Confirming how he knew it was a food poisoning incident, he responded that his guardian who rushed him to the hospital confirmed his claims.

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