Mr macaroni replies age speculations, says it's because he thinks a lot

Popular skit maker Mr Macaroni has got many of his followers talking after he shared a throwback video from 2014 Mr Macaroni, while responding to some fans saying he looks old than his age, said it was because he thinks a lot.

The video, which was from the popular TV show Papa Ajasco, showed a younger Mr Macaroni singing some old hit songs. The old video from 2014 showed Mr Macaroni in a scene as he performed some old Nigerian songs to two police officers.
However, some of the skit maker's fans and followers have been raising questions about his age as some said he looked older than his age. Responding to a fan who said he looks like a grown man, Macaroni said it was because he thinks too much. 

The fan wrote: "Omo this has obviously show ur age is real How come u grown to look like a 37 old man." In his response, Macaroni wrote: "Lool. I think too much. I guess that's why. 

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