Chrissy Teigen Slams back Instagram troll

Chrissy Teigen fired back after social media users criticized her appearance

She shared a sweet photo with son Miles, on her instagram on Sunday, August 7, after a boat outing. "Keeping up with this one somehow," she captioned the pic as the toddler stayed on her lap.

While Teigen's famous friends cooed at the cute family moment, one follower wasn't so positive. "Don't even recognize her," a troll commented, to which Teigen replied, "I have had these teeth for like 10 years."

Another person came to her rescue
 "She literally looks the same. Wtf is wrong with everyone's eyes in these comments. She has just has her makeup done. Obviously," the fan wrote. Teigen responded to their thoughtful remark, adding, "What's funny is I usually do full glam or nothing at all and this time I took 10 mins to do it myself and I never am again lol."

In another comment, Teigen summed up her feelings with a simple statement: "u guys are something."

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